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The Guinness Accravaganza Unveils A Multi-Artsy Sensory Menu For Its Third Edition this Saturday, April 20

Everything you need to know about the food, games, fashion, music and fun to be served at the Guinness Accravaganza this Saturday, April 20, 2024. The third edition of the Guinness Accra Vaganza multi-arts experience powered by the world’s no.1 stout brand Guinness is set to happen this Saturday starting from 12pm till late.

The multi-layered experience which will be unpacked at the Untamed Empire by Buzz Activate and its partners will unite Accra’s foodies, music heads, fashion nerds, and sports enthusiasts, along with arts and culture lovers who enjoy the premium taste and spirit of the iconic black liquid.

Get ready to indulge in authentic Ghanaian cuisines served by a tall list of the capital's most trusted food brands including Nyonyo Essentials and The Celebrity Chef Kpatashi. Look out for our Brightest Combi experience serving the best Ghanaian snacks that gell well with Guinness liquids to delight your taste buds.

“Thrilled to bring your favorite neighborhood restaurant to the Guinness Accravaganza.” - Nyonyo Essentials

Have your meals with the squad with us at the Guinness Accravaganza and tell us what you enjoyed the most.

“If you're in Accra this Saturday, Untamed Empire is your best place to eat. Can't wait to satisfy your cravings at the Guinness Accravaganza.” -The Celebrity Chef Kpatashi

The hunt for Accra's FIFA boss is still on. Gear up to win the ultimate cash prize with this edition's scaled-up FIFA competition. The day's matches will be broadcasted live in addition to a host of other fun games to get you and the squad busy while you sip on an ice cold beer.

For the first time, the Guinness Accravaganza will have a live non-permanent tattoo corner at the Untamed Empire and a live art installation contest where fans can channel their artistic talents and win cash rewards. This coupled with our signature artsy activities including sip and paint and face painting activities will.

For all our fashion lovers and stars, we have a fashion flea market on site for you to grab one or 2 of your favorite pieces from designer clothes, to hats, jewelry, shades, name it all and we even got a makeup artist and barber on site to touch you up, this edition is really a one stop experience for you.

Given the Guinness Accravaganza's non-stop music policy, Accra's tried and tested turntablists DJ Sleek, DJ Lord OTB, Afrolektra, and Mz Orstin, assisted by MC Kofi Dalinton, Kojo Manuel, and Merqury Quaye will ensure the jam never stops. Joining the lineup is the evergreen hiplife duo, R2Bees, Ghana's new favourite popstar, OliveTheBoy, who will bring his infectious viral hits from “Good Sin” to the buzzing TikTok anthem “Asylum” to the Guinness Accravaganza party, as well as a host of Accra's most exciting new acts, including Crispen, Yaw Darling, Chayuta, Romeo Swag, Demmi and Afro Genix.

Prepare yourself for the April edition of the Guinness Accravaganza on Saturday April 20 at the Untamed Empire where there'll be as much to do during the day as in the evening. Gates open at 12 noon.

Get your ticket for the Guinness Accravaganza at the Untamed Empire on Saturday, April 20 2024, via or USSD : *714*999#. VIP packages featuring an exclusive itinerary and table reservations are also available via